MEFA Security Lock – Left


A replacement security lock for mailboxes manufactured by MEFA that feature a lock on the left hand side of the body.

Please note, the two keys supplied with the lock are coded specifically for use with each lock – the codes shown in the product photograph are for illustration purposes only.

– 1 x Lock
– 2 x Coded keys
– 1 x Securing Clip

Important: Please make sure the delivery address you enter on the checkout is different to your mailbox address.

Additional information

Will this lock be suitable for my mailbox?

This lock is to be used with mailboxes that have been manufactured by MEFA and feature a lock on the left hand side of the front door. Please check that your existing lock appears visually the same as this lock.

Do I need a lock?

We will always advise you on the best and safest route to take when ordering replacement keys and locks. If you are new to a property that has previously been occupied then we suggest you change your lock as the previous occupiers may still hold keys.

How do I fit a MEFA mailbox lock?

Replacing the mailbox lock is straight forward and requires a basic level of DIY skill. Please use the following instructions to guide you through the process, or give us a call for any advise.

Important: Please work in a safe manner using relevant PPE guidelines (safety glasses & gloves)

  • Fit a 3.5mm diameter steel drill bit in a power drill to use.
  • Place the drill bit into the hole of the lock (be careful not to damage the body of the mailbox), drill straight and apply consistent pressure.
  • Drill into the lock to a depth of approximately 16mm. Once you have reached this depth, the internal pins will start to break down and you will feel the lock work a little loose.
  • Remove the drill and insert a small screw driver – twist the screw driver until the lock releases and the door opens.
  • The lock does not open – drill further into the lock and repeat.
  • Once the door of the mailbox is open:
    • Remove the screw on the rear of the lock.
    • Remove the washers between the screw and the CAM arm
    • Remove the ‘CAM’ which holds the door closed.
    • Remove the securing clip which tightens and secures the lock to the body of the mailbox.
    • Place the new lock into the lock hole.
    • Fit the securing clip to the lock.
    • Add the CAM arm, washer and screw to the lock.
  • Using the new keys, check that the lock is now securing the door.
Weight 0.5 kg