Post Boxes

Welcome to the Postbox Solutions range of freestanding postboxes that can be installed on their own at any location required. Our range of freestanding mailboxes are large enough that they can hold a high quantity of standard mail and parcels at any one time.

Freestanding Post Boxes Best Sellers

Our freestanding postboxes come complete with floor mounting rods that allow for easy installation in to the ground. All freestanding postboxes are supplied with a set of two coded security keys that give you complete control of the mailbox access with the option of additional keys supplied on request. Please browse the post box ranges displayed within this section and contact us for a more detailed quotation or further information.

Design your own

Make your postbox your own. With a wide-range of colours, finishes and options (including personalised numbering), you can make a postbox that fits your style perfectly.

A range of styles

Whether you’re into modern and minimalist or traditional and classic, we have a range of styles that means you’re sure to find the right post box for you.

Contact our
installation team

+ 44 (0) 1639 633525 [email protected]

Easy installation

Our team are on hand to help you with the install of your post box. Check out our online installation tutorials or call our team on +44 (0) 1639 633525..
MEFA Piano Post Box

Choose your colour

Post boxes don’t have to be red. We have a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from, allowing you to match your post box to your unique style.