Featured Mailboxes

Here are some of our favourite mailboxes and best sellers.


The MEFA Judo mailbox is a wall mounted postbox with a difference – perfect for the modern consumer who wants to stand out from the crowd whilst ensuring mail is secure.

MEFA Journal

The MEFA Journal mailbox is a design-led storage solution that is typically wall mounted externally outside of properties. The mailbox is manufactured using polyester powder coated galvanised steel for the body of the item, and high-quality stainless steel for the curved front face.


The MEFA Wave is a mailbox that has already achieved the status of a modern classic – a design that stands out from the crowd combined with robust and durable materials.
MEFA Wave Mailbox - Black & Stainless Steel


The Eurobox mailbox is a wall mounted individual item that securely stores deposited mail until later retrieval via a coded lock. Mail items are deposited into the mailbox at the top of the product, allowing them to drop to the bottom of the item away from the aperture.


The COM 1 mailbox is a popular solution for our range of classic mailboxes used by both commercial and domestic customers. The COM 1 mailbox is a versatile product suitable for fitting either internally or externally, wall recessed, wall mounted or on a freestanding support.
COM 1 Post Box